Saturday, November 8, 2008

Install SSHFS (SSH filesystem) in ubuntu via command line

Install sshfs by doing:
$sudo apt-get install sshfs %This install sshfs and all dependents
$sudo mkdir /media/my-ssh-server-name
%This creates the folder to mount
$sudo chown your-username /media/dir-name %This gives you permissions
$sudo modprobe fuse %This loads the fuse module
$sudo adduser your-username fuse %This gives you permissions to run fuse

Now reboot your computer and use the command:
sshfs /media/my-ssh-server-name

For example, if I had a hosted account at, and my login name was JOEBOB and I had a website in a folder www/website2/ and a folder I made in /media called website2 I would do:
sshfs /media/website2

Now to unmount do:
$fusermount -u /media/my-ssh-server-name %Use this to unmount

Apache MOD rewrite for oscommerce (CHEMO contribution)

To optimize your site for GOOGLE, and increase your page rank you need to convert your product IDs it the dynamic URL to static url's with keywords. There are packages out there to do this, that cost money, a great free SEO package can be found here by the oscommerce user CHEMO:,2823

I have downloaded 2.1d ORIGINAL updated since I didn't want to get anything too complicated until I understood the code better.

Follow the read me and upload the two files to the necessary folders.