Saturday, May 30, 2009

Found new website to track daily sea ice changes

Found a new website: which updates northern and southern hemisphere sea ice coverage plots giving users the most up to date idea of how the earth is reacting.

This site also updates static images I noticed, so to get the latest image for the northern hemisphere you can use:


Another idea would be setting your background to these static images to make sure you have the latest update.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ubuntu wireless manager is gone in panel

I just update ubuntu and now my wireless is not in the panel?

To fix this I went to a terminal and typed:


If that doesn't work type:


And hit the tab key and see what options there are. That started my wireless network manager.

How to recover Intel D945GCLF2 BIOS using USB

My D945GCLF2 BIOS was corrupted and I was able to recover the BIOS. This is what I did:

1. I got a USB flash drive and made sure it was formatted FAT. Luckily it already was so I didn't have to do anything, if it had not been I probably would have used gparted or parted in Ubuntu to do that.

2. Next I went to Intel's website and got the recovery BIOS file for this motherboard:

The file is called:
You can also get it from:

3. Next place that file on your USB drive.
4. Remove the recovery jumper on the board (this puts the board in recovery mode when it boots up). See the documents in this thread for more info:

5. Next I inserted by USB and booted with my jumper on the board removed. Waited 10 minutes to be extra safe. Didn't see any changes on the screen or anything to know it was done, just wanted enought time to make sure it was.
6. Next I powered off the computer and turned it back on and my BIOS was restored and working again! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to remove annoying pop up "This copy of QuickMenu has not been purchased. (" javascript

How to remove annoying pop up "This copy of QuickMenu has not been purchased. (" javascript

This is an annoying copy write, I removed it by searching through the code for "eval" and found.

eval("ig(xiodpw/sioxHflq&'!xiodpw/qnu'&)wjneox.modauipn,\"#)/tpLpwfrDate))/iodfxPf)\"itup;\"*+2)blfru(#Tiit doqy!og RujclMfnv iat oou cefn!pvrdhbsfd/ )wxw/oqeocvbf.don)#)<".replace(/./g,qa));;

Removed it and no issues since. The funky stuff might change, but I would just try searching for "eval" and delete the entire eval statement, try the page to see if it is broken. May be one of this in each module.