Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to remove Security Tool virus using ubuntu live CD

I got a computer with the Security tool virus infection. I could not access my task manager, or run antivirus software since the program would keep shutting it down.

I booted a ubuntu live cd and opened up the terminal command line

sudo fdisk -l
mkdir disk1/
sudo mount /dev/sda3/ disk1/

Then I went to disk1/ProgramData/ and I saw a random number folder:
15567630 and inside was 15567630.exe which after reading around online I suspected to be the executable. So I deleted it.

rm 15567630/ -R
Then I rebooted the computer into windows (NOT RESUME, new reboot). This allowed me to install mbam-setup.exe (walwareby Anti Malware) to scan and do a complete removal). I did not see any signs of the virus before hand and I may have been good but I wanted to do a full scan anyway.

I also noticed that a desktop shortcut to security tools was broken (cause I deleted it :) ).

Post questions and I'll do my best to answer

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