Thursday, February 3, 2011

"You have not chosen to rust """ ubuntu ica fix

So I installed the new citrix ica client so I could remote into work on my ubuntu netbook but I get this error when trying to open up the application:

"You have not chosen to rust ""... blah blah blah SSL error...

To fix this you need to copy the certificates to your ICAClient/keysyore/cacerts/ directory.

Mine was located here:

To get the certificates you can download them directly here:

Or go to the and find the root certificates. Then answer a few stupid questions and download it.

Once you downloaded it you have to change the file extension from .cer to .crt. Once you have copied that file into the folder above you are DONE! I didn't have to close my browser or even login again, I just clicked on the application and it worked perfectly!

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Cullen said...

I followed the directions as given but the SSL Certificate does not download onto my computer. ??